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we lab you® story

We Lab You, natural ingredients with a twist of lab

In We Lab You we take into consideration all the scientific advance that the Korean cosmetic industry have reached in XXI century. Modern procedures can boost the properties of natural ingredients, that have been used for ages in the traditional Asian medicine and Asian cosmetics. Like this we still using traditional recipes but we made them much more effective and less costly.

We lab nature. We look always for natural ingredients, some of them with the Ecocert and others international quality certificates. We aim to include in our products, high quality ingredients issued from sustainable production sites.

We lab animals. We don’t want animals to be treated cruelly. None of our products have been tested on animals.

We lab original design. Why use a boring container while you can have fun with it? We combine original design with convenient containers and applicators, having always the best container for the product and its use, making your life easier.

We lab results. Don’t look just at the product design. Our aim is to surprise you by the results of our products. Products are effective and do what they claim to do. That is our engagement with you.

We lab to fly. We have a full range of products ready to go. Small version of our products or convenient pouch format to carry in your bag anytime, and perfect to travel with.

We lab our planet. We search for ingredients that has been produced in a sustainable procedure.

We lab newness. We are always looking for new ingredients to upgrade our existing products or to launch new formulas. Please follow us in order to be the first to know about our newness.

We lab your skin. All this work and all this effort are motivated because we love your skin and we want to keep it beautiful, improve any trouble or prevent future problems. This is what make us come motivated to work every morning.

We lab you…





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